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Christian Horner: Formula 1 is in a pretty good shape

Christian Horner: Formula 1 is in a pretty good shape

We at Paddock Magazine had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Oracle Red Bull Racings team principal, Christian Horner. Christian is still one of the youngest team principals of the Formula 1 paddock, albeit hes already in his 18th F1 season. Thanks to the dominant form of Red Bull Racing, the Austrian team continues to lead the constructors championship. 

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Whats the biggest strength of Red Bull that can help you win the championship this year?

I think its the people, the attitude, the culture, the spirit… Its a people sport, and its a people team. Obviously, weve had a good start to the season, but we have to keep that momentum running. Racing against such a big brand as Ferrari is unique. Its great for Formula 1 that were competing against Ferrari at such a high level. To be honest, its refreshing to race against another competitor, but Mercedes will be back – no doubt. 

What can you do to follow the cost cap related rules, which seem to be not a straightforward task because of the global inflation?

I think we have to drive efficiency. Many of the teams are struggling with inflation that continues to increase. Obviously, there are elements which we cant control – like raw material, freight or just the general cost of living. We see a tremendous increase in that area and its difficult for us to counter. I think its still not late to rethink the cost cap regulations. These elements are beyond our control and its clearly an FIA issue. We had to do several changes, weve had redundancies, which were obviously very painful for many people who were part of the team for many years. It would be incorrect to make more people redundant just because of the inflation. [In the meantime, FIA has announced that the cost cap of $140 million has been raised by 3.1%.]

It’s refreshing to race against another competitor

Christian Horner

Formula 1 has undergone huge regulation changes for this year. How could you evaluate them?

This year has got off to a great start with cars that can follow more closely. The initiatives like Drive to Survive had an enormous effect on bringing new followers to the sport. On the other hand, I think there are some changes that we need to wind-back. The working time is something that we need to look at. Coming to Monaco with a new…

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