David Pazak’s D/SA 1969 Plymouth GTX

David Pazak's D/SA 1969 Plymouth GTX

Stock Eliminator racing in the NHRA is one of the ultimate mechanical tests for both man and machine. Racers have to find a way to squeeze lots of horsepower out of a very limited combination. David Pazak loves the challenge that Stock Eliminator provides, and that’s what makes racing his 1969 Plymouth GTX D/SA Stocker so much fun.

Pazak’s father could be the one to blame for his addiction to Mopar performance vehicles since he worked for Chrysler. Now, Pazak has owned his fair share of Ford and Chevy products, but when it comes to racing it’s Mopar or no car. While there are plenty of newer high-performance Mopars out there that can be raced, Pazak prefers the old steel beasts.

“I grew up during the height of the muscle car era. When I was young, it was important to have a cool car and that always stuck with me. I really love the looks of muscle cars and there’s just something about driving them that’s different than newer cars. They have a real soul and don’t look like anything else,” Pazak says.

There are plenty of other classes out there that you can race, Pazak enjoys the competition that NHRA Stock class racing provides.

“I’ve raced Super Street, Super Stock, and Super Gas with the NHRA at different points in my racing career. I eventually started racing in Stock with a 1970 Barracuda. This car came along and I decided to try racing it. I wanted to get into NHRA class racing because of how challenging it is to make these cars go fast based on the rules. I also like the competitive side of class racing; it really makes you work hard to win. You have to figure out how to go fast with what you’re working with,” Pazak explains.

The GTX that Pazak currently campaigns in D/SA is powered by a 440 cubic-inch Mopar mill that’s topped off with a four-barrel carburetor and aluminum heads. Pazak assembled the entire engine himself after the machine work was finished. This combination is rated at 345 horsepower for NHRA Stock Eliminator competition. Behind the big 440 is a Torqueflight three-speed transmission from Dave Smith at Protrans and an ATI torque converter. The D/SA index is 11.55 and Pazak’s combination will typically run in the 10.70s when he’s got it turned up.

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