4.33 The Big Pre-Show For The Big Go

4.25 One Down and One To Go

National Dragster Sr Editor Kevin McKenna and NHRAonFOX analyst Tony Pedregon join Brian Lohnes to take a look at the upcoming Dodge Power Brokers US Nationals as well as a look back at Brainerd. Over the course of this wide-ranging chat, there’s talk about teams on the rise, breaking news about high-level personnel being hired, and a truly in-depth look at the upcoming US Nationals.    Lohnes and McKenna break down some of the race’s “hidden gems” that every fan who loves the sport cannot miss, the three of them go professional class by class to talk about surprise entries, who can pull it off, and who the potential Cinderella stories of the race could be.    There’s talk about the Pep Boys All-Star Callout Events, the Jeg’s All-Stars, and so much more. Listen up and get excited about the upcoming US Nationals!

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