A Fearsome Ferrari 308 Powered By A Supercharged Big Block Chevy

A Fearsome Ferrari 308 Powered By A Supercharged Big Block Chevy

The Ferrari 308 is an iconic car that most people recognize as Thomas Magnum’s ride from the TV series Magnum, P.I. While it was cool to see the 308 driven around Hawaii by Tom Selleck as he cracked cases, the team at Wittz Automotive took the “cool factor” of this Italian sports car to a new level. This Ferrari is sporting a supercharged rat motor and can rip off 7-second passes at the track.

This wild Ferrari 308 was built in New Zealand by legendary fabricator Terry Simms. Your average Ferrari purist might worry that some poor 308 was sacrificed to make this monster, but those fears are unfounded. Simms custom-made the body by scaling up a 308 so it would work as a big-tire drag car.

The mid-engine mill that would have powered a Ferrari 308 was never considered as an option for this monster creation. Instead, the engine’s location was moved to the front of the car and replaced with something that’s more suited for drag racing. Now you’ll find a Dart Big M block between the fenders that’s been punched out to 489 cubic inches. Inside the big-block Chevy, you’ll find a Callies crank, CP pistons, and GRP connecting rods. A 14-71 supercharger crams air into the engine through a set of Dart cylinder heads.

Musclecars Universe grabbed some excellent footage of the Wittz Automotive team shaking the Ferrari down at Meremere Dragway. The Ferrari managed to lay down a 7.40-second pass at 146 mph, even after the driver had to do a quick pedal job to keep the car going down the track.

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