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Top 5 F1 Racing Schools

Top 5 F1 Racing Schools

What makes Formula 1 (F1) a competitive and elite sport in the world? Do you think you can qualify to be a driver? Besides gathering many fans worldwide, sports and automobile industry stakeholders require hundreds of million for this event to occur. Moreover, companies incorporate the latest technologies in F1 cars to win the race. Considering that drivers who participate in F1 motorsport can never exceed 20, a potential candidate must attend a world-class US racing school or any other part of the world. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top F1 racing schools where you can get a fantastic experience. 

What Are the F1 Racing Schools in the USA?

1. Skip Barber Racing School

When and how do you think this top racing school started? Skip Barber founded this in 1975 with only four and two students and borrowed race cars, respectively. Before being rebranded to Skip Barber Racing School in 1976, its name was the Skip Barber School of High-Performance Driving. What are some of the skills and competencies a student would gain upon enrollment? Ideally, the courses would expose you to professional and amateur racing, high-performance and defensive driving, and regular contesting. What should inspire a person to join this F1 School in Braselton, Georgia?

Most contestants in any sport idolize a specific legend or active player. What does this mean? It might be one of your motivations for enrolling in any program. For instance, this American F1 academy prides itself on numerous Motorsports winners. In particular, you should trust the rigorous program of this racing school, considering that most alumni of Skip Barber have won several NASCAR Championship and Major events. Its track locations in California, Georgia, New Jersey, and Connecticut underscore the reasons for joining the classes and gaining in-depth knowledge and expertise. 

2. Exotics Racing

Despite its operation in the US in 2009, David Perisset and Roman Thievin founded CascadEvents in France in 2005. The co-founders started this stunt and supercar experience because of their shared passion for driving and supercars. Why should a person join this school? If you want to experience exotic driving at reasonable prices, it would be best to consider joining Exotics Racing. In this case, the underlying rationale concerns the accessibility of the largest fleet of supercars to the public. At this racing school, you will be privileged to train with high-performance models by Mercedes, Audi,…

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