CPP’s Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Is Packed With Features

CPP's Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Is Packed With Features

Fuel systems are made up of multiple parts that all share a common goal of feeding an engine plenty of go-go juice. The fueling needs of an engine will change based on its size, the type of fuel it runs, and if it uses a power-adder. Classic Performance Products (CPP) has developed a versatile fuel pressure regulator that will work with carbureted and EFI fuel systems.

The fuel pressure regulator isn’t a part that you want to skimp on since it has such an important role inside the fuel system. A bad fuel pressure regulator can cause some serious issues, that will at a minimum impact the performance of your engine, or could even cause engine failure in extreme cases.

The two main methods of delivering fuel into an engine these days are either through a carburetor or an EFI system. Each of these fuel systems have different fuel pressure requirements, so you need to keep that in mind when you’re selecting a fuel pressure regulator. CPP’s regulator will work with a carburetor or with an EFI system. This dual-use ability will save you from having to change out the fuel pressure regulator if you decided to switch from one fuel system to the other.

When you’re plumbing a fuel system for the first time, you learn that real estate to mount a fuel pressure regulator can be hard to come by under the hood of a vehicle. CPP made sure its regulator is compact so you have more mounting options. There are two different mounting brackets included with CPP’s fuel pressure regulator. These brackets are designed so you have plenty of access to the bolts that mount the fuel pressure regulator to the vehicle.

Make sure you check out the video from CPP where Jason Scudellari demonstrates how easy the fuel pressure regulator is to mount and adjust. Head over to CPP’s website right here to learn more about this fuel pressure regulator.

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