Fight Turbo Heat With DEI’s GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield

Fight Turbo Heat With DEI's GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield

Turbochargers will help any engine make lots of horsepower, and they’re also good at generating an immense amount of heat. You need to find a way to control the heat a turbo creates, and that’s where Design Engineering Inc (DEI) comes in. DEI’s GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield is ready to battle turbo heat.

Turbo heat shields aren’t a new concept, however, DEI decided to take a new approach when it developed the GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield. DEI used its experience to create advanced textiles that incorporate silicone, stainless steel, and silica that are strong and heat-resistant.

Steve Garrett from DEI explains how the GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield not only fights heat but will help improve performance.

“There are two ways this turbo shield will provide a positive impact for users. First, by holding more heat into the turbo housing, it will help the turbo spool faster. Second, it lowers under-hood temps tremendously. There is nothing like the amount of heat a turbo produces. That heat raises the temperature of everything under the hood, including the intake and surrounding components. By decreasing temperatures under the hood, the air intake charge is cooler, fluids stay cooler, and that will help engine performance.”

The GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield has multiple layers of 100-percent silica insulation, stainless steel and glass fiber inner layers, stainless steel mesh inner cover, and then the outer shell of basalt material completely coated in silicone. This design allows the GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield to handle up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit of radiant heat, and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit of direct heat.

You can learn more about DEI’s GEN-3 ONYX Black Turbo Shield here on the company’s website.

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