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Fanatec Elite CSL DD

Need gift ideas for the motorsport enthusiast in your life? Here are RaceFans’ top picks from the products we’ve reviewed and sampled.

Fanatec direct drive wheel and more simracing kit

Direct drive simracing wheels are finally falling to prices at which they become a realistic option for dedicated motorsport fans. Fanatec’s powerful yet compact and quiet CSL DD earned top marks from RaceFans when we put it to the test this year.

For those seeking a less expensive alternative, Thrustmaster’s T248 comes in at less than half the price. They describe this as a ‘hybrid drive’ wheel which uses a belt to amplify the steering feel. Moreover, it has a programmable LCD display that allows you to pick which information you want to include on your wheel. It scored four out of five in our review.

As sim racing kit become more every more authentic and the forces they generate get more powerful, it’s becoming increasingly important to have something sturdier than a desk to fit them to. The Next Level F-GT allows you clamp all your motorsport peripherals firmly in place and switch your seating position to suit either single-seaters or sports cars.

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Autocourse and more motorsport books

Autocourse 2022The motorsport annual of choice for decades, Autocourse is know first for its rigorous coverage of the grand prix season, but includes detailed summaries of all other major four-wheeled motorsport as well, making them indispensable reference works.

RaceFans Supporters can claim a special discount on the 2022 edition of Autocourse and its two-wheeled equivalent Motocourse – details coming soon.

It’s been a somewhat quiet year for new books but there is an obvious choice for fans of the new world champion, as his breakthrough success last year prompted the inevitable biography – “Max – the Dutch Master”.

For those seeking a more historical read, a new book by Ian Wagstaff digs into the background of the obscure but significant British Racing Partnership. Fans of helmet liveries still coming to terms with the departure of prolific lid-swapper Sebastian Vettel can console themselves with “Formula Helmet” – a colourful retrospective of three decades of designs.

Finally, if you don’t mind a more mentally demanding festive read, “The Science of the Racer’s Brain” unlocks the secrets of how drivers’ minds work.

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