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r/motorsports - 2023 motorsport calendar extension

Hi guys

If you’re anything like me, then ahead of many weekends of the year you’re wondering if there’s any motor racing coming up and finding out takes a series of Google searches, clicks and scrolls through calendars.

Over the Christmas break I, who knew nothing about coding, decided to have a play around with ChatGPT and learn a bit about making Chrome extensions – and after quite a few hours of playing around I’ve ended up with something that I hope has wider appeal than just my laptop’s screen.

The 2023 Motorsport Countdown is a tiny extension that has all the events for this year coded in already, saving you the need to check the Wikipedias and the other dot-coms to see what’s coming up.

r/motorsports - 2023 motorsport calendar extension

I’ve also encoded the ability to check the latest news for each series from the popup, so reading the headlines takes a couple of clicks. Just through testing it out, I’m finding already that I’m keeping up with the news more than I was before because it’s so quick to do.

r/motorsports - 2023 motorsport calendar extension

I’m not making any money from this, it was just a Boxing Day project that turned into a few late nights of troubleshooting. All I’m getting out of it is the satisfaction that it might be making it easier for people to keep up-to-date with their favourite series, and the knowledge I made something that works.

If you like it, make sure to pin it to the taskbar and feel free to shoot through ideas of ways to improve it — and I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks guys!

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