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Porsche 75th Anniversary | Book Review | Articles

Porsche 75th Anniversary | Book Review | Articles

Porsche 75th Anniversary | Book Review | Articles | Grassroots Motorsports

When Hurley Haywood talks about Porsches, we listen. One of the most successful racers associated with the marque handles the forward for Randy Leffingwell’s latest book on the subject, an encompassing retrospective that spans from Ferdinand Porsche’s electric-powered Voiturette of 1900 all the way to the brand’s latest hybrid and electric machines. 

Much as Peter Gregg never expected some kid from Illinois to beat him at that parking-lot autocross in 1968,” Haywood writes, “no one working at Porsche in its early years could have expected or predicted the trajectory Porsche has taken in its line of racing and road cars through the decades.”

One of those trajectories covered in the book: the C-20. Not familiar with that one? This prototype looks like a standard G-body–although sporting a little more ground clearance–but eventually became the brand’s famed 959 desert racer. 

Again, it’s all about the surprises. 

Porsche 75th Anniversary: Expect the Unexpected”
Randy Leffingwell
Published by Motorbooks
256 pages

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