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Defending Chili Bowl Champ Tanner Thorson Dominates Thursday – Frontstretch

Chili Bowl

Winning Moment: After enduring a surprisingly eventful heat race, defending Chili Bowl Nationals champion Tanner Thorson made the Thursday prelim feature (Jan. 12) look easy.

Dramatic Moment: USAC regular CJ Leary became the biggest name of the week to be buried in Saturday’s alphabet soup, enduring yet another major incident on the night when Taylor Ferns obliterated him in the final B-main.

In a Nutshell: There was little remarkable about this Thursday night, and that’s mercifully what the 2023 Chili Bowl needed.

What They’ll Be Group Chatting About This Morning

I really had a problem with Flo Racing’s opening monologue addressing the traumatic episode involving Ashton Torgereson last night. Asking fans not to speculate is a completely valid request. Saying there’s a time and a place to figure out what went wrong and that’s after cars are done in Tulsa this week makes absolutely no sense. I’m not arguing to park midgets until this is resolved, but how in the world can there not be some of understanding what went wrong nearly 24 hours later? 

The “flip count” was nowhere to be found during Thursday’s telecast, and hopefully it’s six feet under the Tulsa Expo surface for good. Having said that, this is a fantastic replacement idea.

I couldn’t help but laugh when Flo Racing’s interview with celebrity attendee Barry Weiss of Storage Wars fame resulted in Weiss exclaiming surprise when he found out that Kyle Larson was not competing this year. However, while Weiss was visibly disappointed at that discovery, he was just one man in a sea of many, as the Thursday night crowd at Tulsa was extremely large.

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