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Motorsport madness

Motorsport madness

We are an up-and-coming league looking to begin racing in the summer of 2023. We aim to provide clean and enjoyable racing for drivers of all skill levels and build a fun community across many categories and games.

We are currently looking for many different positions including: drivers, commentators, league staff and team principals. Drivers will be able to compete across the following categories:

ENDURANCE · Timing: 6pm GMT every other Sunday · Game: Gran Turismo 7 · Conditions: Race length TBD, qualifying, Medium TC, ABS, Automatic Gearbox · Calendar: 10 races per season

SINGLE SEATER · Timing: 7pm GMT every Friday · Game: F1 2022 · Conditions: 50% races, short qualifying, Medium TC, ABS, Automatic Gearbox · Calendar: 18 races per season

GT RACING · Timing: 8pm GMT every other Saturday · Game: Assetto Corsa Competizione · Conditions: TBD · Calendar: 10 races per season

⚠️ We allow crossplay in our endurance and single-seater categories.

You can follow us on our journey on our social media: – Discord:
– Instagram: – Youtube: – TikTok:

We encourage anyone interested in our racing to sign up on our Discord and check out our server.

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