A Tragic Loss Saved By Vengeance Racing And A CTS-V

A Tragic Loss Saved By Vengeance Racing And A CTS-V

As gearheads, we tend to form unexplainable bonds with our cars. From the pick-up day to its first road trip, or even the initial track day experience, we quickly conclude that our cars are more than just chunks of metal transporting us from A to B. What delves us into an even deeper connection, however, is building a car from the ground up, setting performance benchmarks, and developing a track-devouring monster.

This is precisely what engineering consultant Ron Wise and the team at Vengeance Racing (VR) set out to accomplish. After purchasing a 2008 C6 Z51 Corvette in 2012, dubbed VR SLEPR, Wise began the execution of his vision to develop a street car capable of racing competitively with the team’s help at Vengeance Racing. After undergoing several build phases and upgrades, the C6 made its way onto the track to boast its outstanding performance.

VR SLEPR taking on the competition at the strip.

Wise participated in several events with the Corvette, including various index classes. The VR-modified C6 also saw itself flying down the half-mile at events hosted by WannaGOFAST and Shift S3ctor. The Corvette achieved outstanding results, boasting a win-loss record of 34-13 over the 2021-2022 seasons throughout 16 events. After feeling very confident in the car’s ability, Wise brought it to Darlington in October 2022, a day initially filled with excitement and satisfaction, but ending in despair.

The C6 ran in the 10.00-index class at Street Car Takeover. Wise and the VR SLEPR performed exceptionally well, achieving another class win, thus, bumping his overall season position from fourth to second. Devastatingly, Wise’s Corvette, Ford F-350 tow rig, and trailer were all stolen out of the hotel parking lot that same day.

This unfortunate event nearly led to the demise of Wise’s racing career. The abundance of hard work, dedication, and time invested into the C6 had all been lost. However, his wife, family, friends, and racing fraternity were not about to let that happen. The support was said to be “overwhelming,” and it wasn’t long before Wise began searching for the perfect VR SLEPR replacement.

The criteria for the new car was simple: have the same or better performance than his lost Corvette. Wise had more ambitious goals this time around, hoping to build a car that would perform even better in the index classes. Less than a month following the loss of his beloved Corvette, Wise took a call from a friend who shared the same first name,…

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