Farmtruck & AZN Return to Street Outlaws with AWD Jeeps

Farmtruck & AZN Return to Street Outlaws with AWD Jeeps

Two of “Street Outlaws’” most famous original team members are back in the spotlight with their latest unconventional builds. And, as usual, Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley and Jeff “AZN” Bonnett are also causing a little controversy with their unusual choices.

As the cars on the long-running Discovery Channel reality program become quicker, faster, and more purpose-built, and as the show even moved more towards on-track, no-prep racing, Farmtruck and AZN became surprisingly absent from the 405’s core crew of weekly racers. The hiatus was intentional on their part, though, as the longtime friends wanted to stay true to their street-style roots rather than build something more extreme. “We stuck to who we are and didn’t go after a full-blown Pro Mod-type racecar, mainly because we can’t afford it,” laughed Farmtruck. AZN agreed, adding that “it’s expensive, so we acted our wage.”

Farmtruck continued to explain that the guys simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a Pro Mod-type program, nor do they want to. “Hats off to the guys that do it, but we would rather put nitrous on a toilet than go that fast,” he asserted. The “oddity” builds are, admittedly, a much better fit for the duo who got mixed in with the street racing crew more by circumstance than by purpose and simply want to have fun on the street with whatever crazy concoctions and combinations they can conjure up.

I was excited to know they were reeling back the speed of the cars and the size of the tire for the new OG small tire show. – Jeff “AZN” Bonnett

Despite their decision to step back from regular appearances on the show and intentionally not competing for a coveted spot on the OKC’s “List,” Farmtruck and AZN still struggled slightly with an element of feeling left out. Seeing their peers evolving, and Ryan Martin’s sheer domination of the “No Prep Kings” series, had them wondering what it would be like to be a part of things…but that feeling was fleeting.

“We support everyone that’s putting every ounce of effort and money into their builds and racing programs, but, for us, we just enjoy doing what we do,” AZN shared, who appreciated having his own spinoff show for a season along with Farmtruck. “I do still feel like we were involved, though.”

However, things recently came full circle as the Street Outlaws’ season 15 returned the show to its original heritage by showcasing street racing (and streetable cars) yet again…

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