FuelTech Releases All-New NanoPRO O2 Conditioner

FuelTech Releases All-New NanoPRO O2 Conditioner

FuelTech has proudly released the all-new NanoPRO, the latest and most advanced of O2 conditioners in its one lineup.

The NanoPRO can condition and read five different models of wide band lambda O2 sensors:, including the BOSCH LSU 4.2 (sensor, harness), BOSCH LSU 4.9 (harness), BOSCH LSU 5.2, NTK lab grade sensor (sensor, harness, and adapter, and NTK wideband o2 sensor.

An O2 conditioner converts O2 sensor data to a readable signal and effectively “smooths” it out to make a more precise signal, which in turns provides improved data from which to tune one’s racecar.

As FuelTech’s Luis de Leon explains, “The o2 sensor, different from a pressure sensor, is a probe that requires a specific temperature to work. The O2 conditioner keeps the sensor inside a specific temperature, turning the heater on, and going up and down on its intensity in real-time so the sensor can output a proper value of the exhaust gases. A pressure sensor has three wires: power, ground and signal out; an O2 sensor has five or six, in addition to the regular power, ground and signal, a calibration resistor from the factory and the heater controls. The signal also has two wires — signal and reference –instead of just one.”

The NanoPro sports a 2-inch touchscreen color LCD, which can serve as a “second display gauge” function that allows display valuable information like oil pressure, fuel pressure, boost, RPM, engine temperature and much more coming from the FTCAN 2.0, with the possibility of configuring up to five custom screens. It also features a “Switch Panel” function, touchscreen buttons or switches via CAN bus to the PowerFT ECU, three configurable O2 sensor heating modes (Normal, Fast and Current Limited), as well with auto startup, which is activated by engine RPM or temperature. There are also advanced heater diagnostics in the PowerFT ECU datalogger.

Different fuels AFR or lambda display unit options:

  • Lambda (0.21 – 9.99)
  • AFR Methanol (1.35 – 64.6)
  • AFR Gasoline (3.09 – 146.6)
  • AFR Ethanol (1.89 – 89.9)


The NanoPRO has a 12-way connector with three wire groups — one of them has the connector for the O2 sensor, the second makes the CAN communication with PowerFT ECU’s, and the third is responsible for power and analog output.
The NanoPRO has the same connector as the already established WB-O2 NANO, so if the vehicle already has a Nano installed, you just disconnect…

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