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Brent Crews Bests Sheldon Creed in Classic Millbridge Opener

Millbridge Speedway

Dirt Racing’s Winning Moment: Defending Millbridge Speedway track champion Brent Crews prevailed in a heavyweight slugfest over Xfinity Series regular Sheldon Creed, winning the wingless micro sprint season opener at Millbridge in North Carolina Wednesday night (March 15).

Crews, who controlled the opening 18 laps of the race, saw his first serious challenge of the night come courtesy of local driver Tylen Trammel, but that was only a preview of the upcoming battle to come between Crews and Creed.

Dirt Racing’s Dramatic Moment: The last 10 laps of said micro feature. Watch the video above again. Wednesday night’s race may not be a race of the year candidate, but definitely a finish of the year candidate. The cavalcade of slide jobs thrown between Creed and Crews was clean and furious racing that was an example of how to run dirt. An absolute mid-week gem.

What Dirt Racing Fans’ll Be Group Chatting About This Morning

Any dirt fan worth their salt will be talking about the micro sprint feature at Millbridge Wednesday night or lying to say they stayed up to watch it. Though the new clay surface at Millbridge proved tricky, as the track did not develop its customary cushion, the first A-main of the new season set the bar extremely high for an already well-respected racetrack. For those with DirtVision, this track is required midweek viewing.

If I had one complaint about the night at Millbridge, it’s that whole “staying up” line. The A-main ending at roughly 10:45 in the evening is pushing it for a micro track on a weeknight. The decision to run both winged and non-wing micros on the same night is a class too far for this track.

This shouldn’t be something I have to celebrate, but thank you Millbridge Speedway for having a sensical rule in place that a spin sends a driver to the rear of the field, even if it’s lap 1. That rule is shockingly not a given in dirt racing.

Prior to Millbridge micros acting giant on track, the news story of the day was where the story of the weekend occurred, the Southern All-Stars late model tour. Wednesday saw the veteran series announce penalties for the violent dust-up between GR Smith and Ashton Winger at Southern Raceway Saturday that resulted in three arrests at the track.

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