Chris Moore Shatters Stock-Wheelbase Motorcycle Records

Chris Moore Shatters Stock-Wheelbase Motorcycle Records

Chris Moore is a bad, bad dude on a motorcycle.

A few weeks ago, we shared with you what may have been the run of the entire freakin’ year — one that flew under the radar and shouldn’t have — as Moore rode his highly modified Suzuki to the first and only run in the 5-second zone in history without the use of nitromethane or wheelie bars. That’s quicker than any Top Fuel Harley, and quick enough to give the four-cylinder, nitro-burning Top Fuel Motorcycles fits, with nothing more than a turbo,  methanol, and pure physics to keep the bike on the ground.

Well, it turns out, Moore is a master at keeping a bike on the ground, period. The veteran builder, tuner, and racer recently reset — obliterated, actually — another two-wheeled record, when he rode a brand new 2023 Suzuki Hayabusa to the quickest 1/4-mile run ever by a stock-wheelbase motorcycle.

Moore took the new bike right off the showroom floor and got to work assembling a rocketship, rebuilding the engine for boost (but maintaining the stock 1,340cc displacement), and adding a GT30X Garrett turbocharger and HTP turbo kit, all controlled via a MoTec ECU. The clutch was also upgraded to an MTC Gen 2 model.

The chassis received a Brock’s Performance lowering kit and a new Penske shock, BST carbon-fiber wheels with World Wide Bearings ceramic bearings were bolted on to eliminate some all-important weight, and wrapped them in Dunlop Drag Max tires front and rear.

On its very first outing, at the Darlington Dragway in South Carolina, Moore made a series of rips to shake the bike down and potentially take away the stock wheelbase record. The bike illustrated quickly just how difficult of a challenge this was going to be, as it tried to take flight with every gear change, even as he approached 130, 140, 150 mph. On his very first full run under power to the finish line, Moore went 8.457 at a booming 180.51 mph, breaking both ends of the the prior record of 8.66 and 166 mph, with air to spare.

His runs all culminated in a new record of 8.075 seconds, with a 1.42 60-foot, a 5.39 at 143 mph to the 1/8-mile, and an undisclosed trap speed (track timing system malfunction). Other runs netted speeds at or approaching 185 mph.

Moore says the bike produced around 600 horsepower on the dyno, but with the tune-up being used at Darlington, was “only” in the vicinity of 500. And with that, he says sevens are absolutely coming. One of…

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