Godzilla Giveaway Engine’s Turbo System Fabrication

Hot side fabrication

With our current giveaway Godzilla engine build, there have been a lot of really cool, really innovative off-the-shelf parts available for us to use. However, one thing that wasn’t an option off-the-shelf — both logistically and because we wanted something extra badass — was the turbo system. That meant we needed some custom fabrication.

Placing and plumbing our two turbochargers was no simple task, that was going to require not only a high degree of fabrication skill, but also an artistic eye and creative mind. For that, Late Model Engines tapped a fabrication shop that has proven time and again to possess all those traits, including a ton of success at the racetrack. Enter AldoWelds.

Based in Pasadena, Texas, the owner and main fabricator, Aldo, has been fabricating for almost two decades – most of his adult life. It all started from a single project. “I was building a car and I had already put a six-point cage in it, but needed to move to a 10-point,” recalls Aldo. “So I took it to a local fabricator and he was going to charge me like $3,600 and told me he’d have it in a week. He called me three days later, and it was done. I realized he had just made $3,600 in three days. It occured to me that was something I needed to do myself.”

After growing his skills from ancillary components to full-on chassis and power-adder work, AldoWelds was born and has been on a skyrocketing trajectory ever since. From building off-the-shelf kits for popular applications to full-custom fabrication jobs like the one on this engine, Aldo gives everything the time and care it deserves, and the final results speak for themselves.

The entire hot side has been precision TIG welded by AldoWelds using stainless-steel tubing. While awesome welding is a huge part of fabrication, it’s not the only thing.

Twin-Turbo Godzilla

When it comes to our project, as far as we know there are no ready-to-order twin turbo kits for the Godzilla. But even if there were, that’s not what we wanted. The first step in the process was to choose the components we wanted to incorporate into our awesome twin-turbo system. The start of any turbo kit is, obviously, the turbochargers.

After talking to Turbonetics, they suggested their new line of Torque Master turbochargers, specifically spec’ing out a pair of the brand new 6473 turbochargers. Designed to blend both high-performance and an affordable price tag, the new line of Torque Master turbos is aimed at both gas and diesel…

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