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Nashville Fairgrounds 1 Step Closer to Rejoining NASCAR

Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville - 2018 Music City 200

One small step for Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. One giant leap for NASCAR short-track fans everywhere.

On Tuesday (March 14), the Nashville Fair Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 in favor of the Nashville short track’s revitalization plan and for Speedway Motorsports and Bristol Motor Speedway to take over its lease with a plan to bring NASCAR national touring series back. It just barely squeaked by.

That doesn’t mean we’ll see the NASCAR Cup Series back at the track it raced at from 1958-84 just yet. But the Fair Board was possibly the biggest hurdle, especially since one board member (who eventually voted yes) shared some outlandish claims that residents had made against the track and BMS.

Now, did Bristol really pay people to advocate for the track? I’m not sure, but if it did, that’s money well spent. With all the corruption that already happens in government, we might as well have a little that leads to #MoreShortTracks in NASCAR. That would make more sense, too, as to why Bristol is charging $14 for chicken tenders.

According to motorsports journalist Matt Weaver (huge shoutout to Weaver for breaking down this process because politics bore me), up next for the track is the Nashville Sports Authority. Based on what Weaver said, it sounds like the track won’t get much resistance on that front.

Then, it goes to the Nashville Metro Council, where I believe either 21 or 27 of its 40 members must approve. Weaver said 21 in his tweet, but an article on the matter in the Tennessean says 27.

Theoretically, the track should pass that through that council with flying colors because it would bring in tourists and money. Who could say no to such a thing? Were the track to pass that vote, Speedway Motorsports could then get to work in getting the track ready for NASCAR’s…

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