Round 1 Of Outlaw Diesel Super Series

Outlaw Diesel

If you know anything about diesel drag racing, you know all about the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS), a drag racing organization that focuses on diesel-powered vehicles. The organization hosts events across the U.S., with a focus on the Midwest and Southern regions. ODSS events typically feature multiple racing classes, ranging from street-legal trucks to highly modified purpose-built race trucks. In addition to drag racing, ODSS events often include dyno competitions and sled pulls.

The organization has gained a significant following in the diesel enthusiast community and is known for its highly competitive events and talented racers. That being said, for the first time in 2023, the Outlaw Diesel Super Series corralled its best drag racers and had them meet at Rockingham Dragway to battle it out. Their E.T., 7.70 Index, 6.70 Index, Outlaw 5.90, Pro Mod, Pro Street, and Pro Dragster classes clashed and only one winner could be crowned.

D & J Precision Machine E.T Bracket

ODSS veteran Landon Miller piloted his beautiful Dodge Ram pickup to a victory at Rockingham over another vet of the sport, Nick Morris. The E.T. class is one of the largest classes as it is the easiest to compete in given the rules and racing style. Both drivers had to be consistent on the tree and the finish line to make it through a sea of trucks.

Outlaw Diesel

South Bend Clutch 7.70 Index

The 7.70 Index class is always a packed field as well. After making passes all day, Tennessee’s own Emanuel Yoder was the last man standing with his silver, Cummins-powered Ram. Yoder went to Facebook with a message following his win. “We won! Had a great weekend, and ended up with the win in 7.70 for the first time ever. Thankful to God and my family for helping me out! Thank you to those who made it possible. This includes the Outlaw Diesel Super Series, Firepunk Diesel, and Firepunk Anteater for making the truck consistent, Hot Shot’s Secret, FASS Fuel Systems, Exergy Performance, and Flux Diesel Injection.

Thoroughbred Diesel 6.70 Index

Speeding things up now, we head into our faster 6.70 Index class. ODSS newcomer, Brent Elliot, earned his first-ever 6.70 Index victory at Rockingham in his Duramax-powered Silverado. Elliot took to social media to spread the word about his first win of 2023. “First Outlaw Diesel Super Series victory in the 6.70 Index class! I want to thank my team for all the hard work getting us there. Very…

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