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Honda Civic and CRX: Really as reliable as we remember? | Articles


Doesn’t have to be a JDM Integra Type R for me, a glassroof CRX SiR would do nicely.

Love to have my old ’88 si back

My first car was a ’94 Integra–base model with the automatic.

As much fun as that thing was, I can only imagine how much more fun a Civic Si or Integra Type R is.

I’ve said this many times before: The greatest car that I’ve ever owned was the 1989 Civic Si that I bought new and drove for twelve years and 300k+ miles.

Even after a bunch of autocrossing, I didn’t replace the clutch until 212k, and it hadn’t even failed yet, but I had gotten a new job and changed it just as a precaution. 

So, Yes -> reliable as a stone. And lots and lots of fun. 

If Honda was still building them, I’d still be buying them. 

I bought my ’88 CRX in the early 90’s with a broken transmission and well over 200k miles. I replaced the transmission with a junkyard piece an proceeded to beat on the car for a couple of years. I then sold it to my sister who delivered pizza in it for a couple more years. At that point she had my buddy who was a mechanic do a tune up. He called me laughing saying the car had the original plug wires on it. He said-if they are still working at 250k miles I’m leaving them! I think my sister drove it for another year before selling it. 




5/11/23 10:39 a.m.

The original Civic was not a bad…

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