Inside Holley’s New V3 Terminator X Software Update

Inside Holley's New V3 Terminator X Software Update

Holley’s EFI systems have long been one the most popular EFI systems on the market. Today, however, the market is more diverse than it has ever been when it comes to aftermarket electronic fuel injection offerings. It is still a young market, as well, and EFI users continue to refine how they use the systems, better define their needs, and sometimes find that they need something that isn’t offered in their system. To meet these needs and to stay ahead of the competition, Holley has sought to add new advances to its products, and the latest V3 software update to Holley’s Terminator X EFI system is representative of that.

“The Terminator X is a little more street-oriented,” says Holley EFI software lead manager Ryan Witte. “You get a lot of guys that need decent racing controls, but not a Dominator-level of performance.”

This is the third version of software for the Terminator X EFI system, and previous versions will be able to update to this more capable edition. Witte noted that while Holley’s primary initiative with the update had to do with late-model engine support, the majority of the updates in this revision were consumer driven and suggested by the end-users of Terminator X systems.

“The Terminator X system is a decently featured system that is good for your average sportsman racer,” Witte said. “We are adding a fair bit of stuff that will make it even nicer for those racers.”

Expansion of Transmission Controls

One of the key updates is in the transmission functions, where Holley has added a “Racing Transmission” type that offers pre-defined features to control air shifters and/or dump valves. According to Witte, this is a pared down version of the same function that is available in the Holley Dominator ECU. In the Terminator X, users can control shifting up to eight speeds, two spool assist valves, and one large dump valve. If you need something beyond that, or support for a racing lock-up torque converter or Lenco/Liberty-style transmission, then you’ll need to step up to the Dominator.

In the Terminator X software, users can control shifting up to eight speeds, two spool assist valves, and one large “dump” valve.

“Probably the coolest thing on the street side is the integrated six-speed support,” noted Witte. While the Terminator X continues coverage of all of the GM 4L-based transmissions, Holley has worked out control for the 6L80 and 6L90 transmissions, as well.

“The GM six-speed automatics have an…

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