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The Porsche 962C

The Porsche 962C

Credit: Suttno

The Porsche Group C 962, 3.2 flat 6 with twin turbo chargers, could project it north of 230mph. This would become Jaguar's Nemesis going up against their 7 litre V12 XJR-9 at Lemans in the mid 80’s. On paper in the mid 80’s it looks like Jaguar would get a landslide win at Lemans, but they would race to the bitter end with Porsche taking the win in 1986 and 87.

It was initially banned from the US series because it was deemed too dangerous as the drivers feet were ahead of the front axle centre line. Porsche corrected this by lengthening the wheelbase.

The early success of this car led to a surprising very large number being built, 91 in total with 75 going to customer teams.

The Australian Racing driver Vern Schuppan produced some carbon monocoques in the UK destined for the road, it is believed 6 were made and only 4 in existence today.

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