Keep Your Engine Lit With A CD-1 Ignition


Your engine isn’t going to run without spark, so a quality ignition system is important. Daytona Sensors has a pair of great ignition systems that will work for multiple applications. The CD-1 Super Speedway and CD-1 MultiPurpose Racing ignition systems ensure your engine is cranking out as much horsepower as it can.

Daytona Sensors created the Super Speedway ignition system for high-performance engines. This ignition system can produce 135 millijoules of spark energy. The CD-1 Super Speedway has a 9,900 rpm max and can be adjusted in 100 rpm increments. All of the CD-1 Super Speedway’s wiring uses terminated weatherpack connectors that are plug-and-play ready.

If you’re looking for a capacitive discharge ignition that will work with any application, the MultiPurpose Racing ignition system is for you. This ignition will work with any engine that uses a distributor with four, six, or eight cylinders. The ignition’s inputs are programable, so you can use the inputs with high-gear retard, burnout RPM limit, a vehicle speed sensor, and TPS. You can also program the outputs to work with an RPM window switch, nitrous system activation, and shift light functions.

“Our CD-1 ignition is a super reliable ignition system. These CD-1 Ignitions can be used in all kinds of applications from late-model race cars, to offshore race boats, and high-performance street cars. There’s plenty of features in these ignition systems that make them perfect for anything you’re driving or racing,” Says Frank Kondas from JMS Chip.

You can learn more about the CD-1 ignition systems right here.

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