AFR Delivers New LS3 Enforcer Cylinder Heads


GM did a solid job developing the LS3 cylinder head, but Air Flow Research (AFR) has found a way to make it even better. AFR’s new LS3 Enforcer Rectangular Port cylinder heads are an economical way to increase your engine’s performance.

The LS3 Enforcer Rectangular Port cylinder heads use a 12-degree design and are made from a permanent mold casting. The heads have as-cast surfaces on the intake runners, exhaust ports, and combustion chambers so you can port and polish how you see fit. These 260cc cylinder heads can really move some air.

Scott Hesselgrave from AFR explains why these heads are a great choice for nearly any engine build.

“These heads are perfect for someone who wants something better than OEM, but doesn’t want to spend the big money on a set of CNC cylinder heads. You’re still going to get a lot of performance out of these heads, they flow a lot of air even though they aren’t CNC-ported. You can use these heads on a naturally aspirated, or power-adder engine and they’re going to make great horsepower.”


If you pick up a set of the LS3 Enforcer Rectangular Port cylinder heads from AFR fully dressed, don’t be shocked when you see what’s included with them. AFR uses the same high-quality components on these heads as they do on their CNC-ported models. That means you’re going to get PAC Racing Springs, Viton valve seals, hardened spring cups, ductile iron seals, and AFR stainless steel valves. So, the LS3 Enforcer Rectangular Port cylinder heads are ready to make horsepower right out of the box.

You can learn more about these new cylinder heads right here on AFR’s website.

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