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Which Is the Bigger Sport?

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American football is one of the top sports in the USA — the national sport itself being baseball, according to several blogs on the internet — and the NFL generates bags of excitement for fans each week.

The league came into being when the American Football League and the National Football League merged in 1970, and the league took the name of the older one of the two.

Of course, the flagship game in the NFL is the Super Bowl, in which the winners of the American Football Conference and the winners of the National Football Conference face off against each other in January or February. 

The NFL isn’t the only sport that has attracted a large fanbase. Formula 1 also draws in a crowd as fans follow the drivers who are tearing around the international circuits in Grand Prix at hair-raising speeds.

Although many races had been held before, the world saw the first standardized racing championship in 1925. At the end of the 1949 season, there was an announcement that races would unite to create a Grand Prix World Championship for drivers in the Formula 1.

But which sport is bigger? Below is a look at this question, discussing value, fan bases and some of the biggest names in both sports.

The NFL: Value and Fanbase

The Super Bowl betting season is the biggest event in the US sporting calendar, and as the year edges towards its end, the NFL playoff odds are changing week to week as the drama intensifies. The teams themselves also do a massive amount to create value in the league.

According to sports website AS, the combined value of all 32 NFL teams is $142.87 billion, and business publication Forbes has reported online that the average value of an NFL team is now $5.2 billion. 

The league has worked hard to build its fanbase. A lot of this is thanks to media deals that increase coverage and streaming and generally make games more accessible for fans. Attendance at live games is popular too.

The website of consumer and market data company Statista reports that games witnessed an average attendance of 70,000 in 2022 and more than 18.8 million in 2022.

There is big value in Formula 1 as well. F1 is part of Liberty Media, whose sports empire Forbes have named 2023’s biggest at $21 billion. The publication has also estimated…

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