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Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin, Albert Park, 2024

Aston Martin will not attempt to overturn Fernando Alonso’s penalty for his driving prior to George Russell’s crash in last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

However they strongly defended their driver over a move the stewards said was “at very least ‘potentially dangerous’.”

Team principal Mike Krack said “in motorsport everyone is relieved that George was okay and walked away after his accident” which occured at turn six. The stewards found Alonso, who was running ahead of Russell at the time, slowed over 100 metres earlier for the corner than he had at any previous point.

Krack said the team “fully support Fernando” but will not seek to overturn his penalty as they do not have new evidence to present for the stewards to review.

“He is the most experienced driver in Formula 1,” said Krack. “He has competed in more grands prix than anyone else and has more than 20 years of experience. He is a multiple world champion in multiple categories.

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“To receive a 20-second time penalty when there was no contact with the following car has been a bitter pill to swallow, but we have to accept the decision. We made our best case but without new evidence we are unable to request a right of review.”

Krack compared Alonso’s defensive driving last weekend to his performance in Brazil last year, where he beat Sergio Perez to claim the final place on the podium.

“Fernando is a phenomenal racer and he was using every tool in his toolbox to finish ahead of George – just like we saw in Brazil last year with Sergio,” said Krack. Echoing Alonso’s words in a social media post on Sunday, Krack called Alonso’s driving “the art of motorsport at the highest level.”

“He would never put anyone in harm’s way,” Krack added.

The stewards handed Alonso a drive-through penalty which was converted post-race into a 20-second time penalty and dropped him from sixth place to eighth in the final classification.

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