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Ex-Red Bull F1 drivers pay tribute to “unique genius” Newey

Adrian Newey, Chief Technology Officer, Red Bull Racing

Newey has agreed a long-rumoured exit from Red Bull in early 2025, resulting in speculation over his next destination should the 65-year-old wish to remain in F1.

The Briton joined Red Bull in 2006 after championship wins with Williams and McLaren, and his influence helped Red Bull climb out of F1’s midfield and into the thick of title battles in the succeeding years.

He will continue in his role as chief technical officer at Red Bull for this season, where he will also complete his work on its RB17 hypercar project.

Pierre Gasly hailed him as a “unique genius” – and noted that his best memory of his half-season at Red Bull was getting the chance to work with Newey at the team.

“A unique genius I’ll say; extremely talented, most successful engineer in the history of our sport,” the Frenchman crooned.

“Very particular approach – I still remember going to Milton Keynes and him like drawing all sorts of stuff on his board, and I thought like, is that how we draw F1 car like these days?

“And it’s just very impressive and actually, probably my best memory from Red Bull was working with such a special individual. I had a very good relationship with Adrian. Very humble guy and down to earth.”

Adrian Newey, Chief Technology Officer, Red Bull Racing

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

Alex Albon replaced Gasly at the team midway through 2019 and continued to work with Newey in 2020 as a race driver before his demotion to reserve driver the following year.

Albon felt that it was “inspiring” to have worked with Newey, explaining that the two worked closer together in 2021 when the Angl-Thai’s role encompassed simulator duties at the team’s Milton Keynes base.

“He’s a very nice person and everyone who knows him, he is very popular and very open-minded, I got on very well with him,” Albon said.

“It’ll be interesting to see his next move. I’m sure every team is chasing him down, to try and get a hold of him, but whatever he chooses, if it’s retirement or racing, I wish him all the best. And obviously, our door is always open as well!

“He was very connected to the driving side. He really wanted to know how it felt. I think in some ways, he still understood that the car needs to be set up a certain way to get the most out of it.

“His office is opposite Christian’s, so I’d always go to see him. I was more involved with that kind of stuff speaking with Adrian during 2021, when I was more of a sim guy, trying to fix some of the…

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