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Meet the five thrilling new sponsors accelerating into Formula 1

Meet the five thrilling new sponsors accelerating into Formula 1

With the sport’s rising popularity, Formula 1 is the place to be. It is where all the big companies want to be present, and all sponsors want to be showcased. Several huge sponsorship deals have been signed recently. Paddock Magazine brings you the five most exciting sponsors that have newly joined F1.

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Ferrari and HP Inc. announced a historic, multi-year title partnership. Connecting two of the world’s most iconic companies, the partnership features a shared commitment to advance sustainable innovation and accelerate purposeful technology across the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team, the Scuderia Ferrari Esports team, and the Scuderia Ferrari Driver Academy.

HP and Ferrari are committed to accelerate sustainable innovation whether through technology or sport. The companies will also work together to expand educational initiatives within their teams and communities and create a lasting impact for generations to come.

As part of the partnership, the integration of HP’s high-performance products and services, including adaptive PCs and devices, conferencing technology, and printing capabilities, will enable Scuderia Ferrari HP and the other racing teams of the Prancing Horse to turbo charge training precision and optimize strategic decision-making, on and off the track.

“Our founder passed on to us his continuous will to progress. From this stems our drive to innovate on the road and on the track, as well as our commitment to a sustainable future, from carbon neutrality to the education of the younger generation,” said Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari. “In HP we have found the same values, which make it an ideal partner. We look forward to starting our collaboration and facing new opportunities and challenges together.”


Formula 1 has announced world-leading digital services provider and digital consultant Globant as a new Official Partner in a new multi-year partnership.

As an Official Partner, Globant will support Formula 1 in building best in class IT systems and products. Globant delivery teams will use their industry expertise and innovative technology to transform and enhance the at-event digital experiences for F1 fans and key stakeholders, including the content delivery system used on the pit wall, a real-time streaming solution that provides F1 and key stakeholders with unique multi- channel media.

Throughout the partnership, F1 will use leading Globant technology to create…

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