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4-4 qualifying score-line against Alonso shows my true speed · RaceFans

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Lance Stroll says his qualifying performance against his world champion team mate this year gives a less “deceiving” reflection of his ability than the points gap.

Fernando Alonso out-scored Stroll by 206 points to 74 in their first season as team mates last year. The two-times world champion currently leads Stroll by 33 points to 11 after the first eight rounds.

However the pair have out-qualified each other four times apiece over the eight qualifying sessions for grands prix so far this season. Stroll said that reflects his performance more accurately than last year’s points gap.

“He’s a two-time world champion and people see him as a top driver in Formula 1 and it’s four-four in quali,” Stroll told The Canadian Press. “The points are a little bit deceiving because sometimes one guy can have an engine failure,” he added. “That sometimes differentiates the points at the end of the season.”

Heading into his home race this weekend, Stroll has out-qualified Alonso for the last three grands prix running. “I look at my last few weekends, and I think they’ve been strong,” he said. “When I look at pace right now, and speed, like I said, four-four in quali. People say he’s super-good and I beat him the last few weekends, so take it as you want.”

Stroll’s father Lawrence owns the Aston Martin team. The driver said he was “not really” interested in driving for a rival outfit to disprove those who say he owes his place in the sport to his father.

“We’re on a super exciting trajectory and project as Aston Martin,” Stroll said. “I’m much more excited to be part of this journey than just going to another team to say that I could be driving somewhere else.”

Yesterday Stroll said he intends to continue driving for Aston Martin next year.

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Stroll vs Alonso in 2024

Stroll and Alonso are tied in qualifying performances but the world champion has finished ahead more often in grands prix so far this year. The pair have also out-qualified each other once each in sprint race qualifying sessions.

Stroll vs Alonso in 2023

Last year Alonso out-qualified Stroll 19-3:

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