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The Impact of Online Gambling on Egyptian Youth


Online gambling has risen worldwide, and Egypt is not left behind. The invention of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones have made gambling very accessible, with profound effects on many groups, especially among the Egyptian youth. This article examines the issue of online gambling among the youths in Egypt, exploring its social, psychological, and economic dimensions.

Confined to physical boundaries, gambling has grown beyond them through digital channels. The rise of online gambling will bring specific challenges to a country as rich in cultural heritage and traditions as Egypt. With strict regulations, the quick money and the excitement associated with games have marooned many youth in Egypt, evoking concerns from parents, educators, and policymakers like never before.

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Gambling is designed for entertainment only and shouldn’t be used as a coping mechanism or a substitute for seeking professional help.

The Rise of Online Gambling in Egypt

According to recent statistics, the internet penetration rate in Egypt reached over 50 million users. This digital revolution, coupled with the increasing availability of smartphones, has facilitated the growth of online gambling platforms offering a wide array of gambling options, including sports betting, online casinos, and poker, drawing a large youth demographic.

Here are some of the reasons which contribute to the popularity of online gambling amongst Egyptian youth:

Accessibility: All gambling websites are easily accessible, and in most cases, hardly any verification processes are involved.

Anonymity: Anonymity through these online portals lowers the stigma associated with gambling.

Marketing Strategies: The marketing is aggressive, and the promotions are alluring, designed to attract youngsters and pull them into the gambling system.

Social Impact

The impact of online gambling…

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