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FIA told teams it should have warned Verstappen over his driving during Austrian GP · RaceFans

Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, Red Bull Ring, 2024

The FIA has admitted to teams Max Verstappen should have been given a warning over his conduct while fighting Lando Norris for the lead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Norris repeatedly complained Verstappen was changing his line in the braking zones during their battle. The pair eventually collided. After the race McLaren team principal Andrea Stella claimed Verstappen has been let off too leniently for past incidents, notably in 2021.

McLaren’s insistence that Verstappen did not abide by the rules during the race has been partially vindicated as the FIA told teams in a meeting at the British Grand Prix that Verstappen should have been given a formal warning during the race. Teams were advised the Red Bull driver should have been shown the black-and-white flag to warn him he would receive a penalty if he did not respect the rules.

The warning to Verstappen would have been issued in line with an updated clause in the International Sporting Code. The revision, introduced last month, has changed the meaning of the black-and-white ‘unsporting conduct’ flag.

The clause previously read: “This flag should be shown once only and is a warning to the driver concerned that he has been reported for unsportsmanlike behaviour.” It now states: “This flag should be shown once only and is a warning to the driver concerned for unsportsmanlike behaviour or for an action which may result in a penalty if repeated.”

Stella told media including RaceFans on Saturday the collision between Norris and Verstappen could have been avoided had the warning been given during the race.

“Our understanding was confirmed by the FIA, who will have obviously reviewed internally and might have updated their interpretation,” he said. “And I think we all – all – came to the conclusion that a warning should have been given to Max, if not a black and white flag, and this would have prevented an escalation that led to the collision.”

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