Scales For Your Race Car Are A Good Investment

Scales For Your Race Car Are A Good Investment

You invest a lot of money in your drag racing operation with the goal of winning. The best equipment money can buy is useless if your race car isn’t consistently going down the track. If you’re serious about turning on win lights, you should consider adding a set of scales to your tuning toolbox.

When you scale a car, it allows you to see where the weight is, and this is very important information to have. This data can be used to help make sure your vehicle is going to track straight. You can also use the information to make adjustments that will improve consistency, and maybe even gain some ET as well.

To get a basic understanding of how scaling a car works, we reached out to Eric Saffel from Longacre Racing Products. Saffel was able to provide some high level information that really drives home the point as to why investing in scales like any other tool is a good idea.

“When you scale a car you learn what your exact corner weights are. If the weight isn’t properly balanced on the rear tires that will cause all kinds of issues. It can cause your car to launch towards the tree, towards the wall, and not drive straight. A car that’s well-balanced across the back will behave properly. It will perform more consistently than a car that’s got the left rear tire trying to do 65% of the work and the right trying to do 35% of the work.”

The scales that Longacre offers have an easy-to-read display and the interface is very user-friendly. Another advantage to the Longacre scales are the platforms, they’re large so you won’t have any problems getting a big set of slicks to fit. You can learn more about the different scales Longacre Racing Products offers right here on the company’s website.

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