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Perez expects to gain “a couple of tenths” from new floor Verstappen had at Silverstone · RaceFans

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2024

Sergio Perez, who has faced criticism over his performance in recent races, expects a performance boost at the next round when he receives the same floor upgrade his team mate had at Silverstone.

Max Verstappen ran the only example of Red Bull’s new floor for its RB20 at Silverstone. However team principal Christian Horner said the revised part was only a “minimal upgrade” for the car.

Perez failed to score for the third time in five races last weekend after being eliminated in the first round of qualifying when he spun into a gravel trap at Copse. Afterwards Perez said he expects to be in a stronger position at the next round.

“I’m just trying to find the solutions, really,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “I think we’re making good progress.

Verstappen damaged his floor with qualifying spin

“We are just about to unlock a couple of tenths from our side and our life will be very different, back to where we were in the start of the year.”

Horner confirmed Verstappen used the sole example of Red Bull’s new floor last weekend. “There was only one floor available on one side of the garage this weekend,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans.

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko reportedly claimed the floor was only worth six points of downforce, a figure Horner declined to confirm. However he said: “It’s no secret that we have less development time in the others, and we’re at the top of the curve. So you’re into diminishing returns.”

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Verstappen damaged his new floor when he also spun at Copse in qualifying, though he was able to continue. The trip through the gravel “totally trashed” the floor, said Horner.

“So actually the lap time he did in quali, to be as close as he was – if you could see the floor it was like something out of Scrapheap Challenge that the mechanics managed to put back together – it was super-impressive. So his lap time yesterday, to only be a tenth off Lando [Norris], I thought was very encouraging.”

The damage initially cost Verstappen around 100 points of downforce but his mechanics were able to make repairs and improve it during the session.

“We managed to recover a reasonable portion of that with the repairs that the mechanics were able to do in between the sessions,” said Horner. “But of course it’s not just the load it’s how it then changed your balance.

“So suddenly he’d got no…

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