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Vehicle Questions have received an upgrade!

Vehicle Questions have received an upgrade!

Here at Hagerty MSR we see many different types of events. All of them (with just a few exceptions) have two things in common: tires and a motor. What goes around those tires and motor varies greatly depending on the organization, the discipline, the event, and the vehicle.  

To account for this, we collect a wide range of vehicle details using default system vehicle questions. We also give you the ability to add custom vehicle questions to ensure you are collecting all of the details that matter most to your organization. For example, karting groups may want to collect chassis manufacturers, vintage racers could want former FIA logbook numbers, autocross groups want to log modification points for indexed classes, club racing groups want to track club-assigned classes, and motorcycle groups may want to track swingarm brands.  Custom vehicle questions allow you to collect all the vehicle-specific details you want for your organization or event. 

To create custom vehicle…

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