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Formula One Management have rejected an application by Andretti to join F1 in 2025 or 2026, claiming the team would not “add value to the championship.”

Andretti’s application to join the world championship in either 2025 or 2026 was approved by the sport’s governing body, the FIA, who opened a process for an 11th team early last year.

However, the team required approval from the commercial rights holders, FOM, who have the power to decide whether to accept an 11th team to receive a share of television revenue and prize money provided to the existing teams.

FOM believe adding an extra team to the existing 10 “would not, in and of itself, provide value to the championship.”

They listed further reasons for declining Andretti’s entry. FOM pointed out the team does not have a deal in place for a supply of engines, and would have to be allocated one in accordance with F1’s rules, which it believes would weaken it.

It also questioned the wisdom of Haas considering an entry in 2025, when it would have to build a car to one set of regulations, before new rules are adopted for the following year.

However while FOM has declined Andretti the chance to enter F1 next season or the year after, it has said would look differently on an application for 2028, if it was to bring Cadillac with it as a power unit supplier.

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Statement: Formula 1 refuses to admit Andretti


1. On 22 March 2023, the FIA published an invitation (the Invitation) to apply to participate in the FIA Formula One World Championship (the Championship), to which four applicants responded, among them Andretti Formula Racing, LLC (the Applicant). The FIA conducted an initial assessment process, which included both a written question and response element and an in-person meeting.

2. The FIA announced on 2 October 2023 that they were satisfied that the application submitted by the Applicant (the Application) fulfilled their selection criteria in all material respects, and that accordingly, the FIA considered that the Applicant should progress to the next stage of the agreed process as set out in the Invitation, being an assessment by the Commercial Rights Holder of the Applicant’s value to the Championship. The process set out in the Invitation provides that both the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder must consider an application suitable in order for a new entrant to be selected.

3. The FIA had previously shared with us the materials…

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