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Hamilton’s Ferrari move has triggered silly season of “chaos”, say Alpine pair · RaceFans

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Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes at the end of the year has blown the Formula 1 driver market open, Alpine’s two racers said at the team’s launch of their new car yesterday.

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly are among a clutch of drivers whose contracts expire at the end of the year, making them potential candidates to replace Hamilton at Mercedes, and potentially setting further moves in motion.

Asked whether Hamilton’s move would trigger a lively ‘silly season’, Gasly said: “I think it did already.”

However on the eve of the new season both drivers were quick to praise Alpine’s efforts in overhauling its car design following its poor 2023 campaign.

“Obviously as a driver I’ve got my [management] team to do this type of job and I’m focusing what I’ve got to do as a driver because ultimately that’s what I want to do,” said Gasly. “I want to perform, I want to give my absolute best for the team. We’ve got 1,500 people who worked day and night to get that car as good as they can and then my job is to bring it to as far up the grid as I can. So that’s what I focus on.”

Gasly has already begun discussions with Alpine over his future at the team. He said Hamilton’s move was “unexpected for most people” and has “changed slightly the dynamics of the driver market and whole silly season.”

“Obviously I started with Alpine last year,” said Gasly, who joined the team from AlphaTauri (now RB). “I know the project I’m working on. I’m at the end of my contract at the end of the year obviously there are conversations ongoing and that’s it. I think the situation is pretty clear.

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“But at the moment I just want to see what this car is capable of. And ultimately my goal is to fight at the front and I believe it’s possible with Alpine. I’m 28, I’ve got good experience, in my prime and that’s what I’m working for, to fight for wins, for podiums and be up there.”

His team mate Esteban Ocon was supported by Mercedes earlier in his career and potentially a strong candidate to join the team.

“It’s clear that we have links with Mercedes,” said Ocon. “I’ve been managed by Mercedes for a long time now, since 2015. I’m a Merc junior even if I’m not that junior anymore. But we’ll see what the future holds.”

Like Gasly, Ocon said “at the moment, I’m completely dedicated for Alpine” and won’t allow the possibility of taking one of the…

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