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Lewis Hamilton admitted he isn’t getting as much out of Mercedes’ car as his team mate after being knocked out in the second round of qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix.

It is the third weekend in a row Hamilton has been out-qualified by George Russell.

“I don’t know if I’m dealing with that great,” he told the official F1 channel. “I mean, less consistent than George.

“George is doing a better job with our car, three qualifyings in a row that he’s out-qualified me. He just seems to get on a lot better than I do.

“I’m just trying to keep my head above water and just continue to realise how it could be way worse.”

Yesterday Hamilton said he had never felt less confident in the W15 than he does this weekend. He said the car felt better in final practice but became unsettled as the conditions changed.

“It felt great in P3,” he told Sky. “It was strange because we were right there with these guys and we didn’t really understand why.

“But then going into qualifying just the inconsistency within the car really messes with the mind. But George did a good job today. It is what it is. I just have to try and do a better job tomorrow.”

He described the car’s handling as being “on a bit of a knife-edge.”

“In the afternoon here, the wind picks up. It’s the same as P2: P1 was a bit better and then when the wind picks up, the car becomes a lot more unstable. This morning was nice with the calmer wind and then as soon as the wind picks up it gets a little bit stable.

“But the others seem to be able to pick their pace up in qualifying. I’m not sure why it didn’t feel the same in qualifying, even though we had a lighter fuel [load], it felt better in P3. So it’s not a great feeling for everyone on the team, but we’ll just keep working away.”

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