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“Not a good day again” admits Magnussen as penalty leaves him two points from ban · RaceFans

Logan Sargeant, Williams, Miami International Autodrome, 2024

Kevin Magnussen admitted he had another poor day after collecting his latest penalty for colliding with Logan Sargeant.

The pair tangled at turn three as Magnussen tried to pass the Williams driver on the inside. The contact sent Sargeant into the barrier and ended his race.

Magnussen was blamed for the collision and given a 10-second time penalty. He was also given two penalty points on his licence, which leaves him two away from an automatic race ban.

“Not a good day again,” Magnussen admitted. “Hopefully I can get some clarity on things going forward.

“What happened today, of course it’s not good. Nonetheless, we move on and try to have a better weekend next weekend.”

The stewards ruled Magnussen was wholly to blame for the collision with Sargeant. Nonetheless his two-point penalty was less than the three points Fernando Alonso received for colliding with Carlos Sainz Jnr in the sprint race at Shanghai two weeks ago.

The stewards noted Magnussen “was attempting to pass car two [Sargeant] at turn one and then again on the outside at turn two and finally collided with car two at turn three.”

“Per the Driving Standards Guidelines, in order for car 20 [Magnussen] to be given room for an overtaking attempt on the outside, car 20 needed to have the front axle at least alongside the front axle of the other car at the apex of turn two. It was clear that Car 20 did not have its front axle in that position such that it was entitled to room in that corner.

“Further, if this is looked at purely as an overtaking on the inside of turn three, car 20 would also not have had the right to the corner, by the standards for an inside overtake.

“Even if this was viewed as a sequence of corners or a chicane, the decision remains the same. Per the guidelines, priority will be given to the first corner and if you do not have the right to be given room, then you do not get the benefit for the next corner. Car 20 was therefore wholly to blame for the collision that occurred.”

Magnussen received a further penalty for entering the pits during a Safety Car period without changing tyres. Haas admitted this was an error on their part, and Magnussen was given a post-race drive-through penalty, which added 20 seconds to his race time.

He remains under investigation for failing to serve his 10-second time penalty during the race. Magnussen also received four penalties during the sprint race yesterday.

Sargeant, who was ahead of Magnussen when the pair made contact, did…

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