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Oscar Piastri, Carlos Sainz Jnr, Miami International Autodrome, 2024

Carlos Sainz Jnr has lost fourth place in the Miami Grand Prix after being given a penalty for a collision with Oscar Piastri.

The pair made contact at turn 14 as Sainz tried to pass Piastri for fourth place on lap 39. The Ferrari driver briefly lost control of the rear of his car which made contact with Piastri’s front wing.

The stewards ruled “it was clear to us that car 55 [Sainz] was to blame for the collision,” after losing control of his car.

“In the overtake attempt, car 55 braked late, missed the apex and in the process lost the rear, with the resulting collision. Although car 81 [Piastri] was trying to turn in to counter the overtaking
attempt, car 81 gave sufficient room to car 55.

“In the circumstances, we find car 55 to be predominantly to blame for the collision.”

However the stewards reduced the severity of the penalty as they felt Sainz’s loss of control was slight.

“In this case, we took into account, as mitigating factors, the fact that but for the slight loss of control of the rear by car 55, the collision would likely not have happened and it would have been hard but good racing.

“The standard penalty for a collision is 10 seconds with two penalty points. In light of the mitigating circumstances, we therefore impose a five-second time penalty with one penalty point.”

Ferrari anticipated the penalty and told Sainz to increase his pace over the final laps of the race to pull out a five-second gap over Sergio Perez behind him. However Sainz only finished 3.2 seconds ahead of the Red Bull, and therefore falls to fifth place behind his rival. He narrowly avoided losing a further place to Lewis Hamilton, who is 0.1s behind the Ferrari in the revised classification.

Updated: Revised result and points

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