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Frustrated Sainz was ‘one lap from winning’ in Miami · RaceFans

Start, Miami International Autodrome, 2024

Carlos Sainz Jnr unsuccessfully called for Sergio Perez and Oscar Piastri to receive penalties during the Miami Grand prix – but did collect one himself.

It was a frustrating afternoon for him, as he felt he came within a lap of winning the race, and had to remind his engineer not to talk too much on the radio.

Here’s how the Miami Grand Prix unfolded from his perspective.

Carlos Sainz Jnr’s Miami Grand Prix radio

“It should be a penalty”

Perez’s optimistic start compromised Sainz

Sainz launched away from third place superbly, immediately overtaking his second-placed team mate Charles Leclerc and tucking in behind Max Verstappen

Then Sergio Perez came flying down the inside, forcing Sainz to move wide. Leclerc retook the position through turn one and left little room for his team mate at the exit, allowing Oscar Piastri to demote Sainz another place. He was not impressed.

Lap: 1/57 SAI: 1’37.234
Sainz What the fuck was that?
Adami I saw it. Checo 0.7 behind.
Sainz It should be a penalty, he nearly took us off.
Adami Understood. We are talking.

The stewards reviewed the start and decided not to penalise Perez, who braked so late for the first corner he went off on the outside.

“Are we going to try something?”

Oscar Piastri, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz Jnr, Miami International Autodrome, 2024
Sainz stalked Piastri and Leclerc, both of which passed him thanks to Perez

Piastri swiftly passed Leclerc for second and the two Ferraris queued up behind the McLaren. At first Sainz appeared to suggest Ferrari swap the running order of their cars, but once it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, he decided to look after his tyres and run a longer first stint.

Lap: 6/57 SAI: 1’32.911
Sainz I feel like I have pace here.
Adami Copy, understood. Just stay focused on the tyres as well.
Lap: 13/57 SAI: 1’33.605
Sainz Are we going to try something in front, or?
Adami We are looking into it.
Lap: 15/57 SAI: 1’33.119
Sainz I’ll save my tyres a bit.

The complexion of the race began to change when Verstappen went off at turn 14 and wiped out a bollard, causing a Virtual Safety Car period. Ferrari told Sainz to take advantage of the opportunity to pit while the racing speed was reduced if he could, but the VSC period ended before he reached the pits, so he stayed out.

Lap: 22/57 SAI: 1’32.775
Adami The bollard is not there anymore, as you can see. It’s in the middle of turn 16.
Lap: 23/57 SAI: 1’47.406
Sainz Why is Piastri not boxing?
Adami He is boxing behind Charles, has been undercut. VSC, VSC. If it’s still VSC, we box.
Adami They are removing the bollard….

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