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Start, Miami International Autodrome, 2024

The Miami Grand Prix was a memorable one for several drivers – not least of which race winner Lando Norris.

But beyond the top spot, emotions were high across the field, from Esteban Ocon holding onto Alpine’s first point of the season to Oscar Piastri being left with a bittersweet feeling as damage dropped him out of the points.

Here are some of the most interesting team radio snippets from the Miami International Autodrome.

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Hamilton and Hulkenberg’s shared problem
Perez’s near-miss
Alonso’s phantom brake press
Ocon’s “perfectly timed” VSC
Magnussen misses out at restart
Piastri’s unplanned pit stop
“No time” for Ocon switch change
“Well done to Lando”

Hamilton and Hulkenberg’s shared problem

The minutes before the formation lap before the start of a race give drivers and their engineers their final opportunity to go over those crucial details before they are committed to the grand prix.

Nico Hulkenberg was unhappy with the state of his rear-view mirrors and politely pointed that out to race engineer Gary Gannon.

Lap: 1/57 HUL: 1’40.159
Hulkenberg You good on radio, Gary?
Gannon Loud and clear. Nico. Four minutes till we go. Track temp is bouncing between 44C and 48C, depending on the [unclear]. Four minutes till we go. Four minutes.
Hulkenberg Four burnouts, yeah, you want? Four?
Gannon That’s correct, Nico.
Hulkenberg There is some shit on this mirror lens. It’s not clean. It’s patchy.
Hulkenberg Haas mechanics begin wiping his left-hand mirror
Like in the middle.

The driver one place ahead of Hulkenberg on the grid – Lewis Hamilton – had the same problem:

Lap: 1/57 HAM: 1’39.924
Bonnington And Lewis, just got you. Radio check?
Hamilton Yeah, loud and clear.
Bonnington Okay, thanks.
Hamilton There’s a lot of mediums around me..
Hamilton Can you just clean my mirrors, please? Mirrors are dirty.

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Perez’s near-miss

At the start, Charles Leclerc did not get as good a start from second place as Max Verstappen ahead, or Carlos Sainz Jnr and Sergio Perez behind. However, Perez’s attempt to dive up the inside into turn one almost ended in disaster as he came within centimetres of hitting his team mate and pushed Sainz very wide in the process, allowing Leclerc to retain his second position through the first corners.

Lap: 1/57 LEC: 1’35.697
Leclerc Freaking hell, Perez…
Marcos Padros Yeah, copy that. We saw it.

In the opening laps, Hamilton and Hulkenberg put their freshly-cleaned mirrors to the…

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