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F1 Manager 24 screenshot

We’ll have to get the obvious joke out of the way to begin with.

For the third edition of their official Formula 1 management game, Frontier are giving players the ability to create their own team and join the championship to compete against the existing 10.

No doubt the Andrettis would tell you this is an extremely unrealistic addition to the game.

It’s not the only new feature F1 Manager 24 will offer those who want to try their hand at being a virtual team principal. There is a new ‘mentality’ system which governs the behaviour of all staff, including drivers. Junior driver programmes are now fully modelled and you can sign up to 10 to your team as ‘affiliates’.

Helica views offers a useful new perspective

During the races, you can expect to encounter more technical challenges which you can help your drivers respond to. Helpfully, there is a new ‘helicam’ view allowing you to keep an eye on your cars.

But the ‘Create a Team’ feature is the headline addition. RaceFans had the chance to play an early preview build of F1 Manager 24 to test it and other changes.

You are offered six options when setting up your team for the first time. One is effectively a blank slate to start completely from scratch, while the others give you ready-made back stories, such as a wealthy entrepreneur or luxury car manufacturer seeking success in F1.

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The livery, overalls and logo editors are immediately familiar from other games, such as the official Formula 1 racing title, which has offered a similar ‘MyTeam’ mode since its 2020 edition. If the RaceFans-coloured design in these screenshots looks rough to you, consider it a reflection on my lack of time and design skills.

RaceFans livery, F1 Manager 24
No one objected to Team RaceFans not being “competitive”

There are sufficient options to create endless styles which will set your car apart from the rest of the field. Though, as we’ve sadly come to expect, nothing as liberating as being able to import your own skins made in third-party software such as Photoshop.

The staff hiring and firing options are largely familiar from previous games. Perhaps over-mindful of FOM’s demand that any new entrants show they are “competitive”, I poached Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton from their teams, leaving Red Bull and Mercedes to plough on with Richard Verschoor and Roman Stanek respectively. It’ll be a tough day for the RaceFans servers if that driver market double-whammy ever comes to…

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