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Perez unhappy stewards did not investigate “dangerous” Magnussen crash · RaceFans

Perez unhappy stewards did not investigate "dangerous" Magnussen crash · RaceFans

Sergio Perez says the stewards should have investigated the first-lap collision which put him and the two Haas drivers out of the race.

The race was red-flagged following the crash, which began when Kevin Magnussen made contact with Perez’s right-rear wheel as they climbed the hill towards Massenet. That sent both cars into the barrier, from where they bounced into the path of Nico Hulkenberg.

Perez said Magnussen should have backed out of trying to overtake him as there wasn’t enough room for him to pass.

“It’s lap one. I lost a position to one of the [RBs] and obviously it’s lap one, it’s just important if you’re not in the right position, automatically you’re going to end up losing,” he said.

“I was getting out of the corner. If you see my onboard, there’s no point where you see Kevin. I was just pretty surprised that he kept it flat at that point because it was just very unnecessary. We had a lot of damage, we had a very dangerous incident.”

The stewards decided it was not necessary to investigate the crash but Perez did not agree. “I’m very disappointed that it didn’t get investigated because it was a massive incident,” he said. “My car is completely destroyed and I have a lot of damage.”

The extent of damage is “very frustrating,” he said. “But I trust my team, it hasn’t been a straightforward weekend but we will come back very strong.”

The stewards’ decision not to investigate the incident will come as a relief to Magnussen. He is already on 10 penalty points, and had he been found responsible and given any more he would have been at risk of reaching 12 and triggering an automatic race ban. Magnussen said Perez should have left him room before they collided.

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