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Verstappen wants to tackle Le Mans once they ‘sort out Balance of Performance’ · RaceFans

Start, Le Mans 24 Hours, 2023

Le Mans needs to “sort out” its controversial Balance of Performance regulations before Max Verstappen will consider racing there.

The three-times Formula 1 world champion has often spoken of his desire to contest the classic endurance race. However during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend he revealed he has concerns over the BoP rules implemented by the World Endurance Championship.

The BoP aims to reduce the performance gaps between teams by imposing different power and weight limits on each car. But it has been a target of criticism, even by the teams themselves, despite regulations which forbid them discussing it.

Last year Ferrari scored their only victory of the season at Le Mans, after receiving more favourable limits under the BoP. They were revised after the race and the team hasn’t won again since. Toyota said they “lost to politics” at the race, Ferrari have issued veiled criticisms of the BoP and Peugeot recently complained about its implementation too.

Verstappen has concerns over some Le Mans rules

Verstappen said the race is “incredible” and likes the idea of sharing a car with other drivers. “It’s not only you, you have to work together with your team mates to try and find the right compromise with the set-up. So I’ve been following it a lot here and there [and] you have a few chats as well.”

“But at the moment, I think it’s too early for me to enter because the new regulations as well, I think they need to sort out the BoP a little bit better between the cars,” he said. “It’s a bit hit and miss here and there, I find.”

The Red Bull driver also suspects he would be at a disadvantage over the series’ weight limit which favours lighter drivers. “I feel like there needs to be a limit on that, because I might rock up, 80 kilos with kit, but there is also a driver that can be 55 or 60.”

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“I find like, when you go to Le Mans, you have no chance. You know that already is a couple of tenths a lap. It’s pretty incredible, the difference.

Antonio Fuoco / Miguel Molina / Nicklas Nielsen, #50 Ferrari AF Corse, Ferrari 499P, Imola, 2024
Ferrari returned to top-flight sportscar racing last year

“So they need to sort that out. There needs to be an average or minimum weight that you need to comply to. But for sure in the future, I would like to race, it’s an incredible event.”

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