4.26 A Whole Lot of Winning Going On

4.25 One Down and One To Go

On this episode of the NHRA Insider podcast, Brian Lohnes is joined by Rob Flynn and Erica Enders to talk about the incredible seasons both of them are having.    For Rob Flynn, tuning the dragster of Mike Salinas has been an experience in measured aggression. The Scrappers team has four wins already this year and there’s no sign that they’ll be slowing down to let someone take them off the perch they are on now, leading the top fuel points. Flynn talks about the team, the approach, another successful weekend in Norwalk, and what the upcoming Western Swing means for him and all of his guys.    Erica Enders has five wins in eight races and is on pace to smash her personal best record for a season which was 9 wins in 2015. Erica talks candidly about a number of subjects from attitude to staging, to the sometimes prickly nature of head-to-head competition. Lots of insight into the cars, the career-building moments, and the state of the class in 2022.    The Insider will be on a one-week hiatus next week but we’ll be back right before Denver!

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