NHRA Insider Podcast: 4.32 Meet The Producers

4.25 One Down and One To Go

Aug 16, 2022

: On this episode of the NHRA Insider,
NHRA Vice-President of Broadcasting Steve Reintjes and FOX Sr.
Coordinating Producer Pete Richards join host Brian Lohnes to delve
into the fascinating world of putting drag racing on television.
There’s lots to learn here. From the size and scope of the
broadcast team to the literal production elements of the shows.
Both guys have loads of experience and are descriptive and thorough
in their descriptions of many elements that go into the end product
you watch at home. 


Both Reintjes and Richards have many
years of experience in the sports television industry and their
perspective on what makes drag racing not only different but
exceptionally difficult to produce on TV is interesting and well


If you love our NHRAonFOX shows, you’ll
love this deep dive into how they make it to your TV!

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