John Hilderbrand’s 9-Second 1931 Model A Ford

John Hilderbrand's 9-Second 1931 Model A Ford

The Model A Ford is one of the most iconic cars in hot rodding culture. You can find examples of a Model A being made into anything and everything, but nothing beats seeing one in drag racing trim.

John Hilderbrand’s ’32 isn’t a reproduction, it’s an original all-steel Model A that’s been chopped 4 inches. This classic hot rod is powered by a 383 cubic-inch Ford Clevor engine — that’s a Windsor block with a Cleveland top end on the engine. Hilderbrand has piloted his Model A to a best time of 9.13 at 146 mph, which is moving for a short-wheelbase hot rod!

Check out this video from the Power + Performance YouTube channel to learn more about John’s bad ass hot rod!

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