4.43 Antron Brown Goes Outlaw Racing and Tells All!

4.25 One Down and One To Go

Dec 6, 2022

Just when you thought Antron Brown
could not get any cooler, he just did. Last weekend Antron attended
the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals at the NHRA-sanctioned Bradenton
Motorsports Park in Florida and drove Manny Buginga’s 3,000hp
Pro275 car known as Fred. This is basically a stock wheelbase car
with full suspension and as much power as a pro mod on tiny 275mm
wide rear tires. He didn’t just drive it, he won the race! Brown
joins host Brian Lohnes on this episode to tell the epic tale of
how he found himself in the car and what it was like to do
something he had never done in drag racing. It is an amazing and
fun story told by one of the sport’s all-time greats. His legend
continues to grow!


Additionally, Lohnes drops the hottest
rumors surrounding the NHRA on this week of the PRI show in
Indiana, where many of them will be brought to light and either
confirmed or denied. There’s a new nitro funny car driver coming,
crew changes, and a whole lot more to talk about here!

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