5.1 The Things We Need To See In 2023

4.25 One Down and One To Go

Jan 3, 2023

For this first episode of 2023, NHRA
Insider host Brian Lohnes is joined by Tony Pedregon and Kevin
McKenna to talk about the things all three of them need to see in
2023. This is a wide-ranging discussion about what drivers and
riders need to stand on it, what teams need to make a recovery
fast, what they want to hear in interviews, and who they think will
be breaking through for their first career wins in the season
ahead. There are plenty of rumors to address, potential testing
schedules to look at, and a myriad of different topics covered


We’re getting closer to Gainesville by
the day, and these guys set up some of the biggest potential
stories of the year during this first show of 2023. Hope springs
eternal for everyone at this early moment of the season, and time
will tell how accurate their predictions and wants are. Come up
with some of your own, or choose to agree/disagree with the panel

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